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metal modular construction.

Prefabricated houses of metal modular units - prefabricated houses by the method Light-Gauge Steel System - Top House Ltd. is the first company in our market, offers U.S. prefabricated houses for living.

Prefabricated houses are the type of buildings whose construction using prefabricated modules that are assembled at the construction site. At significantly lower prices than the price for solid construction.

Characteristics of prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are built by dry wall technology. In different countries depending on geographical and climatic characteristics (including characteristics of the landscape) and their purpose, different design approaches are adopted:

  • structure with prefabricated modular thermo panels/ American prefabricated house /
  • grid- beam prefabricated buildings / American prefabricated house /
  • panel modular prefabricated buildings / Austrian, German prefabricated houses /
  • prefabricated wooden logs / Russo-Finnish prefabricated houses /

By dry wall technology, simple seasonal buildings, industrial buildings and commercial buildings in low energy houses and prefabricated high-tech passive houses are built. Low-energy houses and prefabricated passive houses are stable structures and cannot be dismantled and moved.

Materials used for construction of prefabricated buildings and houses, depending on their purpose and the adopted technology, the most frequently material used is wood. Therefore, other names that are applied are "wooden houses and wooden prefabricated houses. The name "Lego" for prefabricated houses are used, too.

Advantages of prefabricated houses

The advantages of prefabricated construction are manifested mostly in prefabricated houses or residential buildings - one-or two-storey prefabricated houses:

  • construction of prefabricated house is at very low prices, price that is relatively lower than the price of solid construction;
  • in the construction of prefabricated house no restrictions on the preferred architectural style;
  • type of prefabricated house is an excellent thermal and sound insulation - low cost of current supplies;
  • prefabricated house is characterized by lightness and strength construction - applicable to different terrains;
  • better earthquake resistance of structure and safety;
  • short time to build a prefabricated house is a huge advantage;
  • natural materials - a cozy environment and comfort;
  • construction of the prefabricated house has a significantly lower investment risk to prices for solid construction;

Financially attractive low prices - low energy prefabricated houses provide the quality of life, a solid house construction is achieved with significantly more funds.

Permits for prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are accompanied by all necessary projects, certificates and documents for the issuance of a building permit and legalization of the building. Note that authorization for construction of prefabricated houses is needed from the local authority and check the competence of the manufacturer of prefabricated houses.

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